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Afghanistan Taliban: Full Text of Remarks by Representatives at Paris Conference

The full text of speech enunciated by two representatives from Political Office of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Mawlawi Shahbuddin Dilawar and Doctor Muhammad Naeem, at research conference in Chantilly of France convened from 20-21/12/2012
Zabihullah Mujahid

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful – All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds, and may His peace and blessing be upon the noblest of prophets and messengers, his family and companions.

We foremost thank Foundation for Strategic Research as well as its Director, Camille Grand, for taking practical steps, on basis of humanitarian sympathy, towards peace and tranquility for the Afghan nation and especially for affording an opportunity to the Islamic Emirate to express its viewpoint. We also thank all other parties that have strived for this cause.

Balance of political power in the future government of Afghanistan
In the future Islamic government of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the balance of power or participation in government of by all Afghan parties must be implemented in the constitution upon below specifications:

1 - Codification of Constitution
Every power and system of government in the current world needs a complete and clear constitution to organize and coordinate its internal and foreign affairs in order to pave the way for advancement and prosperity of its citizens and so that every person properly grasps their role in the confines of law. Constitution is integral for every government because, without it, the affairs of development of its nation and country will face disorder and numerous obstacles. The personal, civil and political rights of all citizens of Afghanistan shall be regulated through the Constitution; rights shall be given to all brother ethnicities without discrimination; will make clear relations between the government and people; will shed light on balance of government three structured powers; will determine government’s type, administration and powers; in sum, will gain acceptance from the Afghan nation and the world regarding the internal and foreign policy of Afghanistan.
Therefore the Islamic Emirate, for the welfare, prosperity and advancement of its proud nation, considers such a constitution necessary which is framed on the principles of nobel Islam, national interests, historical achievements and social justice; abides by Human Rights and national values; guarantees the country’s sovereignty and rights of all its citizens and shall not contain any articles and clauses opposing Islamic principles, national interests and Afghan mores. With the blessing of constitution, way shall be paved for political power balance and all Afghan parties to participate in the upcoming government.
We clearly state the stipulations of the constitution shall be written by Afghan scholars in a free atmosphere and will then be presented to the nation for approval. The current constitution of Afghanistan is illegitimate because it is written under the shadows of B-52 aircrafts.

2 - 2014 elections
We believe that the 2014 elections are not beneficial for solving the Afghan quandary because these elections are planned under invasion and will take place during ongoing occupation therefore the results shall be no different than the previous elections. All observed that the 2004 and 2009 elections did not lessen but increased problems for the Afghans. So called National Assembly elections were also held twice however it failed to solve the nation’s problems but contrarily, increased them many folds. All this because elections laws, organizations and officials involved were created at the fancy and requests of foreigners while the demands and needs of the Afghans were not attended. The said elections did not only not solve the Afghan quandary but also brought shame to the western backers of the stooge regime; fraud was rampant, ballots went missing, vow ceremony faced dilemmas and holdups and the opening ceremony of national assembly faced several months delay.

3 – Islamic Emirate
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is an Islamic reality on the face of the planet, is the legitimate government of our beloved country, has every operational administration and has notable achievements in several areas. People in the majority parts of the country turn towards its courts, political activities in shape of a Political Office is known to everyone an example of which is our presence here and education is also forging ahead in many parts of the country with the Emirate’s help. America with the help of over forty (40) countries have invaded our country. The Islamic Emirate has carried out sacred Jihad against the occupation for over eleven years and has put forward notable sacrifices for the independence of its country and defense of its religion and honor. The Islamic Emirate had brought security to over 95% of the country before the invasion; had collected illegal weapons; had stopped narcotics; had secured borders of the beloved country; had provided education, work and open trade for the nation in complete security. We can even proudly state that in the previous reign of Islamic Emirate, we achieved things which the western world is unable to do even with its entire military and economic means.
It has repeatedly been expounded in the messages of Amir ul Mumineen that we are not looking to monopolize power. We want an all Afghan inclusive government. He has time and again urged his opposition for help in expelling the occupation. That he respects his political rivals, expounds on realization and understanding and asks for help from them in defense of our nation and honor, this clearly displays his goodwill and political insight.

4 – Sovereignty of Afghanistan
Allah Almighty has created humans free and independence is a part of their nature. No human society can make advancements in economics, politics, culture and science without independence or have control over its resources, talents and fruits of their work. Love with independence is naturally sown in the blood and body of the Afghans. History has shown that the Afghans have sacrificed their lives and everything dear for independence. All battles fought in the past decades against invasions have been for independence. No economic, military or political power has scared them in attaining their goal and neither has the lack of means, men and hard conditions been a hurdle.
If we want to once again pave the way for the country’s natural development and dignity then the independence of Afghanistan must be restored and occupation ended so that the Afghans can make decisions in the best interests of its power and people for the benefit of its nation.
It is also a reality that every nation, after attaining independence, has a need to maintain its borders, security and sovereignty and this need can only be accomplished through police and army faithful to its people, religion and nation. Therefore it is incumbent that our security apparatus be trained on religious principles and national spirit; is cleansed from prejudice on lingual, ethnical and regional basis and is bound to serving its people and securing its sovereignty. If it is not as such then such an army in not fit for maintaining its national and Islamic goals and neither can it be called a national army. Instead of working for national interests, it will be used against its religion, country and people. Hence, as much as Afghanistan needs an army, its reforming and proper training is also that much vital.
Afghanistan is an underdeveloped nation economically. It cannot maintain a highly paid army in the long term due to its expenses being several times higher than the country’s GDP. In such a condition, the government will be forced to abide by terms and sometimes unreasonable demands of lending nations, bringing the whole nation under the burden of interest and pushing them towards economic disaster. Due to this, it will be better for all Afghans to fulfill their obligation in securing the country.
It is also a reality that in the current world, a country cannot feel secure and at peace without a powerful defensive system and will have to always feel at danger. Hence it is necessary that Afghanistan builds a strong air force alongside a strong ground force in order to reassure its nation.
We must reiterate that independence is the key condition because in presence of an occupation, all this force will be used against its own people and for the goals of others. We observed in the past decade that an army built on political foundations gets used and is used against its people instead of the invasion and becomes the reason for many tragedies.

3. How can enduring peace be achieved in Afghanistan
The Islamic Emirate came into to being to bring peace to its people:
Peace and tranquility is the natural want of all creatures of Allah Alimighty and especially for humans, who are in need of peace more than any other being. Today humans have made much progress; for killing and destruction, it has created small, chemical and nuclear weapons therefore it is in need of peace more than ever and efforts must be made for peace.
Islamic Emirate, for peace and order, has given great sacrifices for this mutual goal whereas it actually came into being to bring peace and security. The entire world in aware that the oppressed Afghan nation faced great difficulties before the Islamic Emirate came into being; corruption and insecurity had reached its peak; the life and property of the people were in constant danger and the country was standing on the brink of disintegration. The leaders of Islamic Emirate, with the divine help of Allah Almighty and backing of its nation, and result of many sacrifices brought end to all this anarchy such that no one could have ever imagined and transformed an atmosphere of insecurity and disorder to that of security and peace.

Taking away security from the Afghan nation under guise of September incident:
The Islamic Emirate had brought security to 95% of the country and this displays the responsibility of Islamic Emirate which it had and still has regarding the world, region and specifically its own country and nation. However with great regret, the invaders deprived the Afghan nation from this great blessing. They brought insecurity for the Afghan people in this eleven year war and fighting, brought culture of injustice and corruption, stirred up market of killings and murders, over flooded pools with blood, stuffed prisons with the Afghan people, began oppression of children, women, old men and youngsters in villages and homes, created difficulties for the lives of women which is their most basic and important right and planted seeds of enmity between Afghanistan and its neighboring countries.

Some primary problems created by this illegal and peace-shattering invasion
1. Occupying Afghanistan and disturbing atmosphere of peace.
2. Forcing an administration on Afghans embroiled in corruption and narcotics trade.
3. Working to divide the Afghan nation and country on basis of regional, lingual, tribal, political and religious animosities.
4. Nurturing narcotics while the Islamic Emirate had brought it to a complete end.
5. Violating human rights, the most important issue of which is the life and destiny of women. According to well established researches, thousands of women are targets of repression every year, hundreds of whom have even died.

Invaders and their allies don’t have a clear framework for peace:
Foreigners and Kabul do not have an inclination towards peace and neither are they ready to abide by the rules and goals of peace. If the invaders truly believe in peace, they would have listened to the legitimate demands of Islamic Emirate in the initial phase. They should have tested peace before force; if it had failed to give results then war was a last resort however they chose war as the first option.
Even now, they state one thing and do another. On the one hand they say that peace must be achieved an on the other, they add new people to the black list; they say that they will leave Afghanistan but sign strategic pacts in false hopes of prolonging their occupation. They are doing this despite being well informed that the Kabul administration can never represent the Afghan people but still bargain with them on the future of the Afghan nation.
The Kabul administration does not hold any jurisdiction or power because the Afghan people, in their own land and through the medium of Kabul, are being imprisoned by the invaders! With their presence and their help, the homes of Afghans are being recklessly raided by the invaders at night against all laws and customs; children, women and old men peacefully asleep are being mercilessly killed and they are still unable to take any steps against them.
The Kabul administration is does not seem inclined towards peace due to some steps and because it does not have a clear framework for peace. On the one hand it says that it wantd peace and on the other, martyrs tens of Mujahideen everyday or imprisons them or forces them to migrate. It shouts for peace but then unjustly and brutally executes imprisoned Mujahideen against all international laws!
Sometimes it says it wants to talk with the Islamic Emirate, sometimes it says it wants to talk to Pakistan! Such ambiguous actions will never positively impact the peace process.
In reality, they want surrender of Mujahideen under the title of peace; give up arms, abide by the constitution created under the shadow of invaders and bow your heads to our orders and we won’t say anything to you! Is this peace? Do they think that the Afghan nation gave colossal sacrifices for the past eleven years to surrender to the invaders? So that someone will assure their lives? This clearly shows that they do not have sincerity and a clear framework for peace.

Malicious propaganda against peace:
Another factor damaging peace are those efforts made through poisonous propaganda deployed inside the country which tries to depict reality in another color. Different types of propaganda is used against the ongoing Jihad; sometimes it is labeled the work of neighbors, sometimes as against education and development and sometimes is accused of causing civilian casualties but never seem to possess strong evidence and only reiterates repeated charges. Such black propaganda only prolongs the war and uproots chances for peace.
Everyone is aware that members of Islamic Emirate, for their independent Islamic and national policy, have not only tasted torture and martyrdom inside their internal prisons but have also been victims of such behavior in prisons outside the country. So can men of such determination and ideology ever become slaves of others?
The esteemed Amir ul Mumineen (may Allah protect him) has given strong and clear guidelines to his Mujahideen, who are still practicing them, in all his Eid messages regarding destruction of educational facilities, protection of civilian life and bombings in places of gatherings which have also been published in the media. However we can see that some intelligence agencies are reaching for grotesque actions (blowing up bridges, throwing acid on faces of students and targeting civilian vehicles with roadside bombings) while the Kabul administration has never given thought to the guidance of Amir ul Mumineen and is blindly using these incidents as raw material for its poisonous propaganda. Similarly, they never release findings of such incidents which show that these have not been perpetrated by the Mujahideen and are works of intelligence agencies. They are either void of courage to announce the reality or believe keeping silent is in their best interest.
They believe that with such actions, they will sideline the Islamic Emirate from people and the world and extend its power a few more days. Peace is being sacrificed in the long run with such unreasonable actions and poisonous propaganda. If this keeps continuing, it will only harm peace, country and the people.
The Kabul administration and its backers must realize that such tactics did not bring security to the people but threw them into raging fire, violated their rights and prolonged the invasion and will still fail to bring peace.

How can real peace be achieved?
The situation in Afghanistan is two faceted, one of which is foreign and the other internal. The foreign facet is tied to the foreigners and the internal to the Afghans. How can they reach an understanding so that, in accordance with the aspirations of the nation, such an independent Islamic government can come into being which will guarantee justice, stability, development, economic growth and prosperity; wipes the tears of widows and treats the wounds of the people.
The Islamic Emirate, alongside all its efforts inside the country, is struggling for a true Islamic system and enduring peace and considers it vital for human life and regards the following few points important:
1. For enduring peace, importance must be placed on the aspirations of the people. The occupation must be ended as a first step which is the want of the entire nation because this is the mother of all these tragedies. Invaders and their allies must realize that no international power can subdue the power of people and neither can the quandary end with irresponsible and unlawful agreements.
2. Islam is the religion of our people and the only guarantor of the country’s economic growth, social justice and national unity. Without an independent Islamic government, no other system can solve our problems because the Muslim Afghan nation will not accept any other system contradicting a pure independent Islamic government and they have presented countless sacrifices for this goal for the past thirty years and are still sacrificing.
3. Peace needs sincerity and good intention. Common and national interests must be favored over personal interests. Peace can only be achieved under these circumstances and not through deceit and stratagems. We are seeing that every time the Islamic Emirate takes steps towards peace, Kabul administration takes reactive tactical steps which (according to their own belief) has the potential to derail the peace process while at the same time not seem counterproductive i.e when the Islamic Emirate inaugurated its political office in Doha for peace talks, the Kabul administration, with the backing and America, recalled its ambassador to damage the peace process.
4. The leader of Islamic Emirate, the esteemed Amir ul Muminee (may Allah protect him), clearly stated in his Eid message that we only have one channel for political efforts in form of an office and have made it known to everyone. But still the Kabul administration, under the title of peace process for sabotaging peace, makes contacts with people that have not been appointed by Islamic Emirate for peace talks and then accuses the Islamic Emirate of trying to derail peace. Peace is not a game of chess where every side is laying in ambush for the other rather peace is a joint responsibility and a mean of giving right to the entitled. Peace must be looked at with this vision and ways must be paved for it.
5. The Islamic Emirate welcomes all civil societies that work for the benefit of the Afghan nation and abides by Afghan norms and humanity in the light of Islamic principles.
6. The policy of Islamic Emirate is clear regarding role of women. It will abide by all those rights given to women in the noble religion of Islam. Women in Islam have the right to choose husbands, own property, right to inheritance and right to education and work. The Islamic Emirate will safeguard the rights of women such that their legitimate rights are not violated and neither is their human dignity and Islamic requirements endangered under the guise of education and work.
7. In accordance with rules and regulations of peace, such bodies should be utilized that believe in the sanctity of peace and are famously known in the country as righteous peace brokers. They must consider establishment of peace as vital for the Afghans and must not look at it through the lens of a request made by the foreigners.
8. For peace, talks must practically be given preference over war. At this very moment, Kabul administration and its foreign allies are trying to put pressure on Mujahideen so that they make peace according to their conditions and this truly increases hurdles for peace.
9. As long as Mujahideen are imprisoned where they spend nights in torture and persecution, true peace is cannot be achieved.
10. The Islamic Emirate wants to interact with the world and region on basis of mutual respect and two-way cooperation. It did not harm anyone before neither will it today or in the future and neither will it let others use the Afghan soil against others.

To end, a few appeals to the international community regarding establishment of peace:
1. The whole impartial international community, be they countries or nations, associations or societies, especially the International Ulama Council, the Islamic Conference, Islamic governments and people, must lend all faceted help to the Afghans in putting an end to the occupation in order to remove this hurdle and pave the way for inter-Afghan understanding.
We specifically ask the member states of United Nations to stand next to the oppressed Afghan people as they stood with the Palestinian people. Just as you did not care about force and pressure from others, adopt a similar and based-on-realities policy for the Afghan nation so that on the one hand, help is rendered to a persecuted nation and on the other, the tyrants realize that their oppression and cruelty will no longer be tolerated and they end their wrong doings.
2. America and those who have allied with them under different names must answer the calls of the Afghan and their own nations, withdraw all their troops and put an end to the killing and oppression of the helpless Afghans. Instead help them with such that creates an atmosphere of peace between them.
The step taken by France in this regard is worth respecting. All the others should follow the footsteps of France and listen to the wants and interests of their people. Just as you do not desire killings, disorder, injustice, corruption and treachery for your own nations, do not desire it for others either.
3. We especially call on all those nations, whose governments have sent their sons against their approval to kill the innocent Afghan people, to take a page from the French nation and put pressure on their governments to withdraw its troops from our country.
4. The Islamic Emirate should be granted freedom of speech. It should be helped in reaching its voice to the world so they are able to themselves directly communicate their policy and demands. We also ask the international community to furnish all members of Islamic Emirate with facilities and exert efforts in removing all obstacles.
We thank the government of Japan and officials of Doshisha University for giving the Islamic Emirate an opportunity to communicate its views and policies to the world and now thank the officials of Foundation for Strategic Research and all other related sides in helping the Islamic Emirate in this regard. Other nations, in order to realize the realities, must also take similar steps.
5. We hope the international media will help properly reach the voice of the Afghan nation to the region and the world and accurately show the ground realities to the people because this is their humanitarian responsibility and from the ethics of journalism.
And this is never hard for Allah Almigthy

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Harakat al-Shabab al-Mujahideen Statement on Omar Hammami

In the name of Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent
Abu Mansur Al-Amriki: A Candid Clarification 17-12-2012
Praise be to Allah alone, Who gave strength to His soldiers, victory to His slaves, and vanquished the parties alone. Prayers and peace be upon the one after whom there is no prophet. Thereafter:
In the last few months the story of Abu Mansur Al-Amriki has been playing out in the media circles, not only feeding the narrative of the Western media that deep ideological differences were beginning to devour the Mujahideen in Somalia, but also leaving the Muslim Ummah extraordinarily confounded with a string of video releases that have stimulated a wide range of diverse reactions.
In the light of these events, and for the sake of clarification of the intricacies surrounding the Abu Mansur saga, Harakat Al-Shabaab Al-Mujahideen hereby declares that Abu Mansur Al-Amriki does not, in any way, shape or form, represent the views of the Muhajireen in Somalia. The opinions expressed by Abu Mansur, the alleged frictions and the video releases are merely the results of personal grievances that stem purely from a narcissistic pursuit of fame and are far removed from the reality on the ground.
Following the footsteps of the Noble Messenger, Muhammad (may peace and blessings be upon him) and the pious predecessors before them, the Mujahideen remain faithful to the lofty aspirations of their faith, strengthened by the bond of brotherhood, motivated by the rewards of altruistic self-sacrifice for their Muhajireen brothers and their path illuminated by the creed of Al Walaa-Wal-Baraa (Alliance and Enmity). The Jihadi theatre nevertheless accommodates people of all sorts. Some, above others, occasionally rise to prominence often with little merit save for their uniqueness, and contrary to portrait of the grand strategist, recruiter and fund-raiser portrayed by the Western media, Abu Mansur Al-Amriki does not hold any position of authority within Harakat Al-Shabaab Al Mujahideen.
Despite their fair share of surprise at the turn of events, however, the Mujahideen did not immediately rush to reprimand him, but instead saw it appropriate to lean towards the noble path of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) in resolving the situation: that is Naseeha or giving advice to the brother.
To err is human, but Islamic Shari’ah has carved for us a clearly defined path for dealing with disputes should they arise and remedying the mistakes of our fellow Muslim brothers. For months the Mujahideen have been offering advice to Abu Mansur in private, without publicly rebuking him, employing every possible avenue to veil his faults, overlook his shortcomings and conceal the egregious errors he’d committed from the eyes of the Muslim Ummah, in the hope that Allah would guide him and us to the path of righteousness; for it remains obligatory upon the Muslims to offer sound advice to their brothers in religion, in the light of the Qur’an and Sunnah, and guide them towards that which is righteous. It is regrettable, however, that all such efforts have been fruitless despite the numerous attempts. Therefore, when a person rejects the sincere advice of his brothers in private, it becomes religiously and morally incumbent upon the Mujahideen to publicly advise the Muslim Ummah of his obstinacy and insistence on sowing disunity among the vanguards of this Ummah.
The series of video releases - one in March when the Kuffar were preparing to invade the Islamic Administrations in Lower Shabeelle region and another in October just after the Kenyans had invaded the port city of Kismayo, in Lower Jubba region - were intended to serve a broader purpose. Hence, the timing of the releases and the convergence of the entire East African nations upon the Mujahideen were not entirely coincidental occurrences but a calculated attempt to draw attention to the alleged voices of dissent within the ranks of the Mujahideen at a time when they were most likely to be under pressure from their enemies so as to cultivate the destructive seeds of disunity. But Allah is the best disposer of all affairs; the seeds failed to germinate ‘and the evil plot encompasses only him who makes it.’
We sincerely apologise to the Muslim Ummah in general and our Mujahideen brothers in all the fields of Jihad in particular for having to witness such childish petulance in one of the theatres of Jihad, reminding them that the caravan of Jihad cannot and will not, Insha-Allah, be derailed from its tracks or the spirit of this great Ummah dampened by the superficial allegations, frivolous ramblings and whimsical desires of those who wish to enhance their image at the price of Jihad and the Mujahideen, spreading discord and disunity in the process.

O Allah, the Revealer of the Book, the Maker of the clouds, the Vanquisher of the parties, Who vanquished the Crusaders and their apostate allies.
O Allah, make them and their equipment booty for the Muslims.
O Allah, annihilate them and make them tremble.
O Allah, You are our Helper, and You are our Protector. O Allah, we attack with You, we move about with You, and we fight with You.
And Allah is the Greatest.

{But honour belongs to Allah and His Messenger, and to the Believers; but the Hypocrites know not.}

Al-Kata'ib Foundation for Media Production
The Shabaab al-Mujahideen Movement

Tuesday 5 Safar, 1434

(Echo of Jihad Center for Media)
The Global Islamic Media Front
Observing Mujahideen News and Inspiring the Believers

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

التوضيح الصريح في شأن ابي منصور الأمريكي 06-02-1434

الحمد لله وحده أعز جنده ونصر عبده وهزم الأحزاب وحده والصلاة والسلام على من لا نبي بعده أما بعد:

خلال الأشهر الماضية كثر تناول قصة أبي منصور الأمريكي في الأوساط والدوائر الإعلامية وخاصة الغربية منها، ولم يقتصر أثر هذه القصة على تغذية الإعلام الغربي بالمادة الإعلامية الكاذبة التي لم يزل يروج لها بوجود خلافات دبت بين المجاهدين في الصومال بل تعدى أثرها إلى الأمة الإسلامية التي أصابتها الدهشة والحيرة مع سلسلة من مقاطع الفيديو التي خلفت وراءها ردودا وأراء متباينة.
وعلى ضوء هذه الأحداث ولإزالة الغموض واللبس المحيط بقضية أبي منصورالأمريكي فإن حركة الشباب المجاهدين تؤكد أن أبامنصور الأمريكي لا يمثل بأي حال من الأحوال المهاجرين في الصومال أو يعبر عن رأيهم وإن أراء أبي منصور ومقاطع الفيديو الصادرة عنه هي نتاج حظوظ شخصية تبين بجلاء مدى حبه للشهرة وهي لا تمت لأرض الواقع بأي صلة.

وإقتفاءً لأثر النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم وصحبه الكرام فإن المجاهدين مازالوا مستمسكين بتعاليم دينهم التي تحثهم على التضحية عن إخوانهم المهاجرين بأنفسهم وأموالهم تجمعهم بهم رابطة الأخوة و تحركهم عقيدة الولاء والبراء ويدفعهم لذلك الطمع في نيل عظيم ثواب الله.
وإن الساحة الجهادية تستقبل أناسا من كل الأطياف ينال بعضهم فيها شهرة وظهورا إعلاميا دون أن يكون لهم أي مميزات أو مؤهلات وإنما يعود ذلك لحبهم للظهور والشهرة.
وعلى النقيض مما تنشره وسائل الإعلام الغربية من رسم صورة مغايرة عن أبي منصور واصفة إياه تارة بالخبير الإستراتيجي وتارة بأحد الوسطاء النشطين في عمليات التمويل، مع العلم أن أبا منصور لا يتولى أي منصب داخل الحركة، وعلى الرغم من تفاجؤ المجاهدين الشديد بهذه الأراء والتهم لم يستعجلوا بل إختاروا سلوك النهج النبوي في التعامل معه وذلك بالقيام بمناصحته.
الزلل من طبيعة البشر والنهج الشرعي في التعامل مع مثل هذه الأخطاء هو بمناصحة المخطئ وتوعيته وتحذيره من عاقبة فعله، وعلى مدى عدة أشهر لم تنقطع محاولات المجاهدين الحثيثة في مناصحة الأخ سرا وإقناعه بالتي هي أحسن ودعوته لمراجعة نفسه لتدارك أخطائه الجسيمة التي ارتكبها بحق الأمة، آملين رجوعه إلى طريق الصواب، ولكن الهداية بيد الله فبعد فشل جميع المحاولات التي قام بها المجاهدون لنصح الأخ وتوعيته وإعراضه عنها سقط واجب النصيحة عن المجاهدين وكان لزاما عليهم شرعا أن يحذروا المسلمين من شره وموقفه المتعنت المصر على تفريق صفوف طليعة الأمة.

إن التوقيت الذي تم فيه نشر هذه المقاطع - الأول في مارس أثناء إستعدادات العدو لغزو ولاية شبيلي السفلى، والثاني في شهر أوكتوبر بعد أيام من سيطرة العدو على مدينة كسمايو الساحلية ¬- كان الهدف منه بلبلة الوضع وخلط الأوراق على المجاهدين، فليس من قبيل الصدفة أن تنشر المقاطع في الوقت الذي كان فيه المجاهدون يواجهون حملة تشنها عليهم جميع دول شرق أفريقيا، بل كان أمرا مخططا له يهدف من خلاله أبومنصور إلى لفت الإنتباه لخلاف مزعوم بين المجاهدين وليحصد نتاج بذور الفرقة والشقاق التي بذرها في الوقت الذي كان يتعرض فيه المجاهدون لضغوطات شديدة، ولكن الله سلّم ورد عليه كيده وأفشل مخططه فوقع في شر أعماله ولايحيق المكر السيئ إلا بأهله.

وفي الختام فإننا نقدم إعتذارنا الشديد للأمة الإسلامية عامة و لإخواننا المجاهدين في كل الجبهات خاصة عن مشاهدتهم لمثل هذه التصرفات الصبيانية، ونطمئنهم بأن قافلة الجهاد لن تنحرف عن مسارها بإذن الله، وأن معنويات الأمة العالية لن يضعفها هذا الهراء والتهم الباطلة من قبل أهل الأهواء والمقاصد السيئة الذين يريدون إبراز صورتهم ومكانتهم على حساب الجهاد والمجاهدين ناشرين بذلك الفوضى والفرقة والخلاف .

اللهم منزل الكتاب مجري السحاب هازم الأحزاب، اهزم الصليبيين ومن حالفهم من المرتدين.
اللهم اجعلهم وعتادهم غنيمة للمسلمين.
اللهم دمّرهم و زلزلهم.
اللهم أنت عضدنا وأنت نصيرنا،اللهم بك نصول وبك نجول وبك نقاتل.
والله أكبر
{وَلِلَّهِ الْعِزَّةُ وَلِرَسُولِهِ وَلِلْمُؤْمِنِينَ وَلَكِنَّ الْمُنَافِقِينَ لا يَعْلَمُونَ}

مُؤسَّسةُ الكَتائِب للإنتَاج الإعلامِي
حَركةُ الشَّبابِ المُجَاهدِين

الثلاثاء 05 صفر 1434 هـ


المصدر : (مركز صدى الجهاد للإعلام)
الجبهة الإعلامية الإسلامية العالمية
رَصدٌ لأخبَار المُجَاهدِين وَ تَحرِيضٌ للمُؤمِنين

My New Article at Foreign Policy's AFPAK Channel: "The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan: Down but Not Out"

"The Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU), a militant group based in Pakistan's tribal agencies, has suffered a series of major battlefield setbacks over the past year. But despite the loss of several senior leaders and a key media operative since 2011, the group remains one of the most militarily capable and media savvy militant outfits operating in the region.  It maintains working relationships with a number of other Sunni militant groups active in the region including al-Qaeda Central, Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), and the Afghan Taliban.  The IMU has particularly close ties to the TTP, with whom it has launched joint military operations against Pakistani military targets inside Pakistan, as well ISAF and Afghan government targets in Afghanistan.  In April, an estimated 150 IMU and TTP fighters launched a successful attack on Bannu Prison in northwestern Pakistan, freeing nearly 400 prisoners, including Adnan Rashid, who was convicted in 2008 of involvement in an assassination plot against then-Pakistani president Pervez Musharraf. Rashid was subsequently featured in videos released by the IMU and TTP."


Friday, November 2, 2012

NEW ARTICLE: "Kenya’s Muslim Youth Center and Al-Shabab’s East African Recruitment"

Ahmad Iman Ali

I have a new article in the October issue of the CTC Sentinel, published by the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point.  The article, "Kenya's Muslim Youth Center and Al-Shabab's East African Recruitment," examines the history of the Muslim Youth Center (MYC), a Kenyan group founded in the capital city of Nairobi which is likely the most important EastAfrican ally of the Somali insurgent movement Al-Shabab.  The MYC has long provided Kenyan foreign fighters to Al-Shabab.

"Since 2007, the Somali militant group al-Shabab has recruited hundreds of foreign fighters.[1] Its Western foreign fighters have largely monopolized media attention despite the likelihood that the group’s heaviest foreign fighter recruitment has been in East Africa. The bulk of non-Somali foreign fighters probably come from East African countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Sudan and were recruited by al-Shabab’s regional allies, such as Kenya’s Muslim Youth Center (MYC).  Encouraging East African Muslims to join al-Shabab has become a priority
 for the movement’s media department, the al-Kataib Media Foundation.

The focus on regional foreign fighter recruitment makes logistical sense since it is easier to facilitate recruits’ travel regionally compared to the requirements of recruitment in places further afield such as North America and Western Europe. The large East African Muslim communities, particularly the growing number of alienated and disaffected youth, also provide al-Shabab with promising recruitment pools.

This article will first examine al-Shabab’s regional recruitment drives in East Africa, and then profile the MYC, which is likely the Somali militant group’s most reliable source of regional foreign fighters."

Read the rest of the article HERE.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mullah Muhammad 'Umar: 'Eid al-Adha 1433 Message of Felicitation

Message of Felicitation of the Esteemed Amir-ul-Momineen (May Allah protect him) on the Occasion of the Eid-ul-Odha

In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate

Praise be to Allah, the Sustainer of the Worlds and peace be on the leader of the two dominions, the noblest of the apostles, the Leader of Mujahideen, our prophet, Mohammad, the Chosen one (peace be upon him) and on his offspring and all his companions. Having said that, I would like to further say: I seek refuge in Allah from Satan, the rejected one.

“Those who disbelieve, spend their wealth to debar others from the path of Allah. They will continue to spend it tillit will become a cause of regret for them and in the end, they will be overcome. And those who disbelieve shall be gathered in Hell. Holy Quran (8:36)

When Jesus son of Mary said:“Children of Israel!Verily, I am the Messenger of Allah to you, confirming that (which came) before me and giving good news of an apostle that will come after me whose name shall be Ahmad.”Holy Quran 61:6

I extend my felicitation to all Muslim people of Afghanistan, to the gallant Mujahideen who are now arrayed against the invasion, to the families of the martyrs, to the disabled and the esteemed pilgrims in every part of the world, on this occasion of Eid-ul-Odha, a great day of selflessness , sacrifice and joy.

I pray to the Almighty Allah to bless the Islamic Ummah to spend these days of the Eid of Sacrifice, in joy, serenity and a feeling of euphoria. Similarly, I congratulate, the honor-loving and high-spirited Mujahideen brothers on the unprecedented military victories of the current year. May Allah, the Almighty give us and you(further) steadfastness and persistence and salvage our oppressed people from this unlawful invasion. Surely, the moments (of victory) are close at hand nowrather than any other time else .

Mujahideen brothers!

You are in the scene witnessing that the ranks of Jihad dostrengthen, experiencing expansion in every part of the country because of the close support of ( our) brave people with the Mujahideen and their sacrifices . Massiveaggressive and Jihadic tactical attacks are carried out against the grand bases of the invaders. The (enemy) evacuate military bases and barracks in awe of Mujahideen. Some conscious daring Muslims from among the ranks of the regime installed by the invaders, launch decisive attacks against the cunning invading enemy. Those Afghans who have been deceived are now turning to the peaceful lap of the Islamic Emirate in groups as a result of the efforts underway by the Call and Guidance Commission. Other self-same developments and transformations are some of the achievements that we and you should, as an obligation, have to thank Allah (swt) for having them bestowed on us.

We ask the Almighty Allah with deep humbleness to grace us with further ability to achieve our goals , to remain committed to the aspirations of our Jihad, neither become arrogant ( to gloat) nor become heedless about the goals and sacred path of Jihad. We should seek the pleasure of Allah in the conduct of all affairs and make it our resolution to obey our superiors, to implement the bye-law of Jihad, and to work for the establishment of the Islamic system, the comfort and prosperity of our people, our nation of which you and we are a part and parcel , has gone through hardships, sufferings and oppression in the past over thirty years They deserve it as an obligation on us to behave with them with tolerance and good manners. It is because of the sacrifices, selflessness and daring feats of this very nation that you and we become able in keeping up the battle against such an arrogant power for eleven years triumphantly and face the enemy with defeat at all fronts. You and we should feel the pain of the nation and share its grief. We should realize that complete victory and quashing of the enemy become possible only through the help of the Almighty Allah and the bilateral cooperation of our people. The superiors and subordinates of the Islamic Emirate should try to cement their unity, coherence and intimacy, avoid internal differences, conduct the affairs of Jihad with mutual sympathy and consultation, work out good plans for the quashing of the enemy and implement them; provide facilities for the common people, save them from the atrocities and brutalities of the invaders and the Arbakis, pay full attention to the prevention of civilian casualties. The enemy has tried and is trying to blame the Mujahideen for the civilian casualties. Increase yourefforts to expand the area of infiltration in the ranks of the enemy and to bring about better order and array in the work. This tactic will achieve more fruitful results, if God willing. Focus on honing behavior and raising level of knowledge of the Mujahideen. Explain to them all essential injunctions and ethics of Jihad, and pay attention to their education, vastness of insight and moral upbringing. Give a hand of help to the orphans, the disabled and the prisoners. This should remain inculcated in your mind that every action contrary to the religious requirements, and being based on sheer emotions bring in only wicked consequences.

We call on the Afghans who still stand with the stooge regime to turn to full-fledged cooperation with their Mujahid people like courageouspersons inorder to protect national interests and to complete independence of the country. Jihadic activities inside the circle of the State militias arethe most effective stratagem. Its dimension will see further expansion, organization and efficiency if God willing.

I urge every brave Afghan in the ranks of the foreign forces and their Afghan hirelings who may find an opportunity to utilize this opportunity effectively and quash the enemies of Islam and country in their centers and use all possible means, opportunities and tactics to strike them. This is because Jihad is an obligation enjoined on every one. It is the duty of every individual of the nation from religious perspective and on the basis of his conscious to strive for the liberation and independence of his country.

The (local) chiefs of Mujahideen are instructed to submit (the names of) those heroes who have performed such exploits to the leadership for further recognition and acknowledgement of their daring actions.

As to the future political destiny of the country,, I would like to repeat that we are neither thinking of monopolizing power nor intend to spark off domestic war but only try that the future political fate of the country must be determined by the Afghans themselves without any interference from big countries and neighbors, and it must be Islamic and Afghan in form.

After the independence of the country, we should have a sharia-based national regime with the help of Allah, the Almighty, which will bring about a sole central authority and be free from every kind of discrimination and biases. Jobs will be given onmerits;territorial integrity of the country will be protected. Security will be maintained, Sharia laws will be implemented , we will guarantee rights of both male and female of the country, build economic structures and strengthen social foundations and facilities of education for all people of the country in the light of the Islamic rules and national interests, conduct all academic and cultural affairs efficiently and will , with the help of the brave nation, foil the effort of those who harbor the notion of disintegrating Afghanistan and intend to flare up domestic war to achieve their goals. They should not think that the Afghan people are so simple-mined that they would break off their deep ideological, cultural, social and historical bonds among the fraternal ethnicities. The former Soviet Union pursued the same recipe of disintegration but the result was contrary to their effortsand theythemselves became entrapped in their ploy.

We want to have good relations with all those who respect Afghanistan as an independent Islamic country and their relations and approaches are not domineering and colonialist. This is what every independent and Muslim Afghan wants.

About (efforts) to reach understanding with the foreigners, I would like to say that we would continue political endeavors along with military struggle in order to obtain our Islamic and national goals and aspirations. For this purpose, we have an entity in the shape of political office to conduct the politicalstruggle. They interact with the foreigners in view of our Islamic, Jihadic and national interests. I should say that we have noother conduit to reach an understanding with the other side except through the Political Office, because we do not play politics on this issue covertly nor we can tolerate (others) to play this. We have framed our policy to reach the understanding on the bases of religious and national values and then we have publicly announced it. If the intelligence agencies and diplomatic circles of the invading countries want to create spurious channels of negotiation and fake faces ( imposters) and then make them larger-than-life figures and channels through the media, it will be nothing more than a waste of time and duping their own people.

Since independence is the right of every one, so we urge the world, the international community, particularly, the Islamic countries and the Islamic conference to help us on the basis of their (moral) responsibilityin ending the occupation of our Islamic country and obtaining its independence. Similarly, they should carry out their responsibility on the basis of human sympathy in releasing our prisoners who have been passing days and nights of miserableness in Guantanamo, Bagram, other prisons and in the prisons of the neighboring countries, particularly, the human rights organizations should feel their responsibility to find out about the human rights violations of those miserable prisoners who are givens various tortures during investigation against all laws in the said prisons every day. They extort confession from them forcefully by beating them. They are deprived of their basic human rights even some of them have been martyred and became disabled.

About the desecration of the very person of the Holy Prophet, Mohammad ( peace be upon him) by the enemies of Islam through the release of a film, I strongly condemn this act and would like to say that the enemies of Islam have not left any stone unturned to distort the image of the sacred religion of Islam . At last, they resorted to( the heinous) activities to commit blasphemy against the personality of the Holy Prophet, Mohammad, (peace be upon him). They committed (such abhorrent) acts against the person of the noblest of the prophets that any individual with perfect conscious would not tolerate it to be done even against an ordinary person.

The West calls the desecration of the Holy prophet ( peace be upon him) and the torching of the Holy Quran , The Divine Book, as a freedom of speech and thought in a time that if a Muslim would happen to recite verses of Jihad in the Holy Quran, The Book of Allah, the Almighty and translate them or they just demand their rights and freedom, then they put them in detention byblaming them as being terrorists and give them the most brutal tortures. Any way, their propaganda of the world of their films which is based on their imaginary views and fantasies and indicating their narrow-mindedness will only bring them shame and disgrace. “They seek to extinguish the light of Allah, with their mouths but Allah will complete His light, much as the disbelievers may dislike it.”Holy Quran 61:8

The Muslims should not rely only on verbal protests but strictly adhere to their sacred religion, follow the life way and instructions of the Holy prophet (peace be upon him), forge unity among themselves and embark on a practical struggle against their enemy , the colonialism . “You have a good example (of conduct) in Allah’s Apostle (to follow). ( This is ) for any one who looks to Allah and the Last Day and remembers Allah much. Holy Quran 33:21.

The Afghans have not committed invasion against anyone else and nor we have made aggression against the territory of others but we will continue to wage Jihad against the invaders who have invaded our country until the occupation ends completely.

We told the enemy eleven years ago that their coming (to the country) willbe easy but their presence and exit will be full of complications. Today’s situation displays the same picture. We have enough capability to wage a prolonged struggle against the enemy, have full trust in our Lord, great patience and enough man power. We have neither barrowed these capabilities from others nor anyone else has bestowed them onus as a favor.

If Godwilling, we will foil all plans of the enemy with full capability and sagacity. Our Jihadic momentum has reached a phase that enjoys comprehensive global Islamic support, sympathy of the people and with the proper hardware having been obtained, we are now in a position to face the enemy with a shocking fate in the military front, if God willing.

In these holy days and nights of Eid, I urge all well-to-do beneficent individuals and organizations to have a conduct of ( compassion and intimacy) with the families of Mujahideen and the poor as they have with their own children and families, particularly, they should have compassion on the children of the martyrs and families and give them assistance either directly or through the economic commission of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and arrange to share with them the joy of Eid.

I ask Allah, the Almighty to bestow on us, thebelieving and Mujahid people of Afghanistan, a great

substitute for thestrong, brave and warm support extended to the Mujahideen against a non-believing alliance under the leadership of America for a period extending more than a decade,. It is owing to this support, that the Jihad has reached its success. Similarly, I ask Allah, the Almighty to grant patience, steadfastness and a great reward to those families whose relatives have been martyred, wounded or imprisoned or sustained heavy losses in the way of the sacred Jihad or during the blind bombardment and raids of the enemy. I pray to the Almighty Allah to enable our nation to reach its ultimateaspirations for the holiness of the pure blood of the martyrs and may the flag of Islam stand raised in the country, fluttering. Amen, O Sustainer of the Worlds! Peace be upon you all.

Mullah Mohammad Omar Mujahid

Servant of Islam

بیان أمیر المؤمنین الملّا محمد عمر مجاهد - حفظه الله تعالی ورعاه- بمناسبة عید الأضحی المبارك لعام 1433 هـ

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

الحمد لله ربّ العلمين، والصلوة والسّلام علی سیّد الكونین أشرف الأنبیاء وقائد المجاهدین، نبیّنا محمد المصطفی صلّی الله علیه وسلّم، وعلی آله وصحبه أجمعین.
أمّا بعد فأعوذ بالله من الشیطانالرجیم : ( إِنَّ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا يُنْفِقُونَ أَمْوَالَهُمْلِيَصُدُّوا عَنْ سَبِيلِ اللَّهِ فَسَيُنْفِقُونَهَا ثُمَّ تَكُونُعَلَيْهِمْ حَسْرَةً ثُمَّ يُغْلَبُونَ وَالَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا إِلَىجَهَنَّمَ يُحْشَرُونَ (36) الأنفال). وقال الله تعالی : وَإِذْ قَالَعِيسَى ابْنُ مَرْيَمَ يَا بَنِي إِسْرَائِيلَ إِنِّي رَسُولُ اللَّهِإِلَيْكُم مُّصَدِّقًا لِّمَا بَيْنَ يَدَيَّ مِنَ التَّوْرَاةِوَمُبَشِّرًا بِرَسُولٍ يَأْتِي مِن بَعْدِي اسْمُهُ أَحْمَدُ ) [6] الصف(صدقاللهالعظیم)
أهنئ الشعب الأفغاني المسلم، والمجاهدین الأبطال في مقاومة المعتدین، وذويّ الشهداء، والمعاقین، والحجاج الكرام، وجمیع المسلمین في كلّ أرجاء المعمورة بحلول یوم الإیثار والتضحیة والفرح یوم العید الأضحی المبارك، وأسأل الله تعالی أن یجعل هذه الأیام أیام الفرح والاطمئنان والرفعة للأمة الإسلامیة جمعاء .
وأخصّ بالتهنئة شعبنا الغیّور، والمجاهدین الأشاوس بالانتصارات العسكریة العظیمة للمجاهدین في هذه السنة، وأسأل الله تعالی أن یرزقنا جمیعا الاستقامة، كما أسأله تعالی أن یخلّص شعبنا المظلوم من شرّ هذا الاعتداء الجائر علیهم، وهاهي لحظات الانتصار قد اقتربت أكثر من أيِ وقت آخر إن شاء الله تعالی.
إخواني المجاهدین! إنكم تشهدون الواقع بأمّ أعینكم أنّ صفوف الجهاد تكتسب قوّة من یوم إلی آخر، ویتسع تكاتف شعبنا الشهم مع المجاهدین وتضحیته إلی جانبهم، وتتمّ الهجمات الكبیرة بالأسالیب الجهادیة المُبتَكرَة علی قواعد العدوّ الكبیرة، والعدوّ بدأ ینسحب من قواعده ومراكزه العسكریة خوفاً من المجاهدین، وكذلك تتمّ الهجمات القاصمة والخطیرة علی العدوّ المحتلّ الماكر من قبل الجنود المسلمین الفدائیین من داخل صفوف الإدارة التي أقامها المحتلّون. وإلی جانب ذلك كله تنضمّ أعداد كبیرة ممن كانوا قد انخدعوا من صفوف العدوّ بإلامارة الإسلامیة نتیجة جهود لجنة الدعوة والإرشاد، والتحوّلات السریعة المماثلة الأخری كلها من المكتسبات التي یجب علینا جمیعا أن نشكر الله تعالی علیها.
ولكي یرافقنا مزید من التوفیق في تحقیق أهدافنا یجب علینا جمیعاً أن نسأل الله تعالی التوفیق بمزید من التضرّع والإنكسار له، وأن نلتزم بالعهد والوفاء لآمالنا وأهدافنا الجهادیة، وألّا نغترّ بأنفسنا، وألّا یأخذنا التهاون فی تحقیق أهداف الجهاد ومتابعة مسیرتنا المحترمة. ولذلك یجب علینا أنّ نجعل رضا الله تعالی وطاعة الأمیر، ومراعاة اللوائح الجهادیة، والعمل لإقامة النظام الإسلامي وإسعاد الشعب الأفغانی الهدف من جهادنا، لأنّ شعبنا الذي نحن جزء منه قد قاسی المصائب والمعاناة منذ أكثر من ثلاثین عاماً، فمن حقه علینا أن نعطف علیه، وأن نعامله باللین وحُسن الُخلُق، وأن نوسّع له صدورنا، لأنّ تضحیات هذا الشعب العزیز وإیثاره وفدائیته أهّلتنا لمواصلة المعركة بشكل موفّق ضدّ أكبر قوّة عسكریة متكبّرة إلی أن واجهت الهزیمة فی جمیع المجالات.
إنّه یجب علینا أن نتألّم جمیعاً بألم هذا الشعب، وأن نغتمّ بغمّه، واعلموا أنّكم بنصر الله تعالی ثمّ بالتعاون المتقابل من شعبكم تدكون عدوّكم، وتنتصرون علیه.
ویجب علی جمیع مسؤولي الإمارة الإسلامیة ومنسوبیها أن یزیدوا من إحكام أواصر الوحدة والمحبة فیما بینهم، وأن یتجنّبوا التفرّق والاختلاف، وأن یقوموا بتسییر الأمور الجهادیة في جوّ من التضامن والتشاور، وأن یُعدّوا الخطط الجیدة لدك العدوّ، وأن یطبّقوها بدّقة، وكذلك یجب علیهم أن یسعوا لتوفیرالتسهیلات الممكنة لعامّة أفراد الشعب، وأن یعملوا لحفظهم من ظلم المحتلّین وظلم ملیشیاتهم المحلّیة، وأن یتّخذوا جمیع التدابیر لمنع وقوع الخسائر في صفوف المدنیین، لأنّ العدوّ یسعی دومّاً أن یُلقي بلائمة خسائر المدنیین علی عاتق المجاهدین.
وكذلك علی المجاهدین أن یصعّدوا من جهودهم في اختراق صف العدوّ وتنظیم الفعّالیات فیه بدقّة وعلی نطاق واسع، وستظهرفي المسقبل لهذا التكتیك نتائج طیبة إن شاء الله تعالی.
وأوصي مسؤوليّ المجاهدین بالاهمتام بأمر تعلیم المجاهدین، وأن یعلمّوهم الأحكام الضروریة المرتبطة بالجهاد، وأن یهتمّوا كذلك بتربیة المجاهدین الخُلقیة والفكریة إلی جانب التربیة العسكریة، كما أوصیهم بإدراك مسؤلیتهم تجاه الأیتام والمعاقین والأسری، ولیعلموا أن التصرّفات المخالفة للمصالح الدینیة، والأعمال العشوائیة الانفعالیة ربّما تكون لها نتائج سلبیة خطیرة.
وأوجّه في هذه المناسبة مرّة أخری الدعوة للأفغان الواقفین في صفوف الحكومة العملیة أن یتعاونوا مع المجاهدین بالإخلاص دفاعاً عن الإسلام وعن المصالح الوطنیة، واشتراكاً منهم في عملیة تحریر البلد من نیرالاحتلال.
إنّ القیام بالفعّالیات الجهادیة في داخل صفوف جنود العدوّ وملیشیاته هو من أعظم الأسالیب الجهادیة تأثیراً، وسیتّسع في المستقبل نطاق هذه الفعّالیات أكثر، وستكون أكثر تنظیماً وأخطر تأثیراً إن شاء الله تعالی.
وإنّني أهیب بكل أفغاني نبیل یمكنه أن یجد فرصة العمل الجهادي داخل صفوف القوّات المحتلّة والقوّات العمیلة أن یستغلّ هذه الفرصة، وأن یدك أعداء الدین والوطن في داخل معاقلهم، وأن یستغلّ جمیع الطرق والأسالیب والفرص المتاحة في توجیه الضربة إلی العدوّ، لأنّ الجهاد فرض علی الجمیع، والعمل لتحریر البلد واستعادة الإستقلال مسؤلیة دینیة ووجدانیة لكل فرد في هذا الشعب، وعلی المجاهدین أن یعرّفوا أمثال هؤلاء الأبطال لمزید من التقدیر والإكرام والمكافأة إلی قیادة الإمارة الإسلامیة.
أمّا عن المصیر السیاسي لمستقبل هذا البلد فأقول للمرّة الأخری: بأنّنا لانفكر في حكر السلطة، ولا نتصور الحرب الأهلیة بعد رحیل المحتلین، بل سعینا الوحید هو أن یتعیّن المصیر السیاسي للبلد بید الأفغان أنفسهم بعیداً عن تدخّلات الدول العظمی في العالم، وبعیداً عن تدخّلات الدول المجاورة، وأن یكون هذا المصیر ذو صبغة إسلامیة وأفغانیة خالصة.
وبعد تحریر البلد سوف نتمتّع بنصرالله تعالی بذلك النظام الشرعي والوطني الذي سیسعی لإیجاد حكومة تخلو من جمیع أنواع العنصریة والعصبیة، وستوسد الأمور إلی أهلها، وستحافظ علی وحدة أرض الوطن، كما ستوفّر الأمن، وستنفذّ الشریعة، وستضمن إحقاق حقوق جمیع أفراد البلد رجالاً ونساءً، وستعمل لإعمار البنیة التحتیة لاقتصاد البلد، وكذلك ستقوم بتقویة المؤسسات الاجتماعیة في البلد، وستقوم بتوفیر التسهیلات التعلیمیة لجمیع الشعب في ضوءالأصول الإسلامیة والمصالح الوطنیة، وستعمل تلك الحكومة لتسییرالشؤون العلمیة والثقافیة في اتّجاه صحیح، وبمساعدة شعبها الأبيّ سوف تقف سداً منیعاً في طریق تحقیق الأهداف المشؤومة لمن یفكرون في إشعال الحرب الأهلیة وتقسیم البلد.
ولا ینبغي أن یُظَنّ بأن الشعب الأفغاني شعب مغفّل، وأنّه سیقطع الوشائج العقدیة والثقافیة، والاجتماعیة، والتاریخیة القوّیة مع الأقوام الشقیقة، أو أنّه سیرضی بالتقسیم، إنّ الاتحاد السوفیتي أیضا كان أراد أن یجرّب وصفة تقسیم البلد، ولكنّ نتیجة جهوده كانت معكوسة، وقد انطبقت علیه .
إنّنا سنحافظ علی العلاقات الحسنة مع كلّ جهة تحترم أفغانستان كدولة إسلامیة ذات سیادة مستقلّة، ولا تكون علاقاتها ومناسباتها بأفغانستان ذات الصبغة السلطویة الاستعماریة. وأری أنّ هذه هي مطالبة وأمل كلّ أفغاني حرّ مسلم.
وحول المفاهمة مع القوات الخارجیة فأقول : بأننا سنستمرّ في الكفاح السیاسي إلی جانب عملنا العسكري لتحقیق أهدافنا وأمالنا الإسلامیة والوطنیة، وقد عیّنّا جهة خاصّة في إطار مكتب سیاسي لمتابعة المسیرة السیاسیة، والمكتب السیاسي یتعامل مع الأجانب وفق مصالحنا الإسلامیة والجهادیة.
ویجب أن أصرّح بأنّه لا توجد لدینا أیّة قناة أخری للمفاهمة مع الجهة المقابلة سوی مكتبنا السیاسيّ، لأننا لا نتعامل في هذه المضمار بالسیاسات الخفیة، ولا نتحمّلها أیضا، بل سیاستنا للتفاهم مع المقابل قد وضعناها في ضوء قِیَمنا الدینیة والوطنیة، وقد أعلنّاها واضحة للجمیع. فإن كانت القنوات الاستخباراتیة والدبلوماسیة للدول المعتدیة تبحث لها عن وجوهٍ وقنوات مزوّرة لإجراء المحادثات معها، وإحداث الجَلَبَة الإعلامیة حولها، فإن هذا العمل لن یكسبها سوی ضیاع الوقت، ولن تخدع بها إلاّ نفسها وشعوبها .
وبما أنّ الحرّیة حق للجمیع، فإننا أیضا نأمل من العالم، والمجتمع الدولي، وبخاصّة من الدول الإسلامیة، والمؤتمر الإسلامي أن یقف الجمیع شعوراً بمسؤولیتهم إلی جانبنا في تحریر بلدنا الإسلامي وإنهاء الاحتلال فیه، وأن تقوم هذه الجهات بأداء مسؤلیتها الإنسانیة تجاه أسرانا الذین یقبعون مظلومین فی سجون (غوانتانامو) و(باغرام) والمعتقلات الأخری، وكذلك في سجون الدول المجاورة، ونطالب جمعیات حقوق الإنسان أن تُحسّ مسؤولیتها تجاه الحقوق الإنسانیة للمساجین المظلومین الذین یُعَذّبون أثنا التحقیقات معهم خلافاً لجمیع القوانین، وتُنزع منهم الإعترافات نتیجة الضغوط والتعذیب، ویُحرمون من جمیع الحقوق الانسانیة الأوّلیة، حتی أن بعضهم قد قُتلوا أثناء التحقیقات، كما أصیبت أعداد منهم بالإعاقة.
وإنني استنكر الفلم المسیئ لرسول الله صلی الله علیه وسلم وأقول: بأنّ أعداء الإسلام كانوا قد قاموا بكلّ ما یُسيء إلی صورة الإسلام، وهاهم أخیراً قاموا بالتصرّفات المسیئة إلی ذات رسول الله صلی الله علیه وسلم، وقد فعلوا في شأن أشرف الأنبیاء صلی الله علیه وسلم ما لا یتحمّله الوجدان السلیم حول شخص عاديّ أیضا.
إنّ الغرب یعتبر الإساءة إلی رسول الله صلی الله علیه وسلم، وإحراق نسخ القرآن الكریم تعبیراً عن حرّیة الفكر والبیان، ولكنّه في نفس الوقت یتّهم بالإرهاب ویسجن ویعذّب كلّ من یقرأ آیات الجهاد من كتاب الله تعالی أو یفسّرها للناس، أو یطالب بحقوقه وحرّیّته.
إنّ الإشاعة الباطلة في دنیا الأفلام الغربیة، والروح العصبیة، والتصرفات الدالة علی ضیق النظر لدی الغرب لن یجلب علی الغرب إلاّ الخزي والعار. یقول تعالی: (يُريدونَ لِيُطفِئوا نورَ اللهِ بِاَفواهِهِم واللهُ مُتِمُّ نورِه وَلوكَرِهَ الكافِرون)(۸) الصف).
فیجب علی المسلمین ألاّ یكتفوا تجاه هذه الجریمة بالاحتجاج بالقول فقط، بل علیهم أن یتمسّكوا بدینهم، وأن یطبّقو السنن النبویة -علی صاحبها أفضل الصلاة والسلام- في العمل، وأن یتّحدوا في مابینهم، وأن یقوموا بالجهاد العملي ضدّ الإحتلال والمحتلین: ( لَقَدْ كَانَ لَكُمْ فِي رَسُولِ اللَّهِ أُسْوَةٌ حَسَنَةٌ لِّمَن كَانَ يَرْجُو اللَّهَ وَالْيَوْمَ الْآخِرَ وَذَكَرَ اللَّهَ كَثِيرًا )(۲۱)الاحزاب .
إننا الآن لم نهجم علی أحد، ولم نعتد علی أرض أحد، ولكنّنا سنستمرّ في جهادنا ضدّ المحتلین الذین اعتدوا علی أرضنا إلی أن ینتهي الاحتلال بشكل كامل، وإننا كنّا قد قلنا للعدوّ قبل إحدی عشر سنة بأنّ مجیئهم إلی أفغانستان سیكون سهلاً، ولكنّ بقاءه علی هذه الأرض، وخروجه منها سوف یكون مصحوباً بكثیر من المشاكل. وهاهو وضع العدوّ الیوم كما كنّا قد توقّعناه آنذاك.
إنّنا الیوم نتمتّع بالكفاءة اللازمة والنَفَس الطویل لمواصلة الجهاد للزمن الطویل، ونتمتّع بالاعتماد القويّ علی الله تعالی، ونملك القوّة البشریة الكافیة لمواصلة المسیرة، وإنّ جمیع هذه الإمكانیات لم نستسلفها من أحدٍ، ولم یتبرّع بها علینا أحد، بل هي من فضل الله تعالی علینا، وسنبطل بإذن الله تعالی بجهودنا وبتدابیرنا جمیع مخططات العدوّ، وإنّ مسیرتنا الجهادیة بفضل الله تعالی ثمّ بالمناصرة الإسلامیة العالمیة، والتضامن الشعبي، والحصول علی الوسائل المناسبة، قد وصلت إلی المرحلة التي تؤهّلنا لإلحاق الهزیمة المنكرة والمحیّرة بالعدوّ في المجال العسكري أیضا إن شاء الله تعالی.
وفي الأخیر أرجو من جمیع أهل الخیر الموسرین والإدارات الخیریة، أن یشفقوا في أیام العید المباركة علی أُسَر المجاهدین والمساكین وعلی الأخصّ علی أولاد الشهداء والمحبوسین مثلما یشفقون علی أولادهم، وأن یوصلوا إلیهم مساعداتهم مباشرة، أو عن طریق لجنة الأمور الاقتصادیة بالإمارة الإسلامیة لیشركوهم معهم في فرحة العید.
وأسأل الله تعالی في هذه الأیام المیمونة أن یأجر الشعب الأفغاني المؤمن المجاهد الذي وقف بكل الحبّ والرجولة معاوناً ومسانداً للمجاهدین في الجهاد ضدّ التحالف الكفري العالمي بقیادة أمریكا لأكثر من عشر سنوات، وبفضل الله تعالی ثم بفضل هذه المساندة وصل جهادنا إلی مشارف النصر إن شاء الله تعالی، كما أسأل الله تعالی أنّ یمن بجمیل الصبر والاستقامة والأجر العظیم علی الأُسَر التي استشهد أبناؤها وأقاربها في الجهاد في سبیل الله تعالی، أو استشهدوا، أوجُرحوا، في قصف العدوّ ومداهمته لمنازلهم، أو وقعوا أسری في ید العدوّ، أو تحمّلوا خسائر مالیة، و أرجو الله تعالی آن یُحقّق آمال شعبنا، وأن یرفع رایة الإسلام خفّاقة في هذا البلد. آمین یارب العلمین.
والسلام علیكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
خادم الاسلام
الملّا محمد عمر (مجاهد)
۷/۱۱/۱۴۳۳ هــق
۲۳/۱۰/۲۰۱۲ م

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Global Islamic Media Front: Eulogy for Abu al-Walid al-Maqdisi

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
تهنئة أمة الإسلام باستشهاد فارِسي التوحيد والجهاد
{ إِن يَمْسَسْكُمْ قَرْحٌ فَقَدْ مَسَّ الْقَوْمَ قَرْحٌ مِّثْلُهُ وَتِلْكَ الأيَّامُ نُدَاوِلُهَا بَيْنَ النَّاسِ وَلِيَعْلَمَ اللّهُ الَّذِينَ آمَنُواْ وَيَتَّخِذَ مِنكُمْ شُهَدَاء وَاللّهُ لاَ يُحِبُّ الظَّالِمِينَ * وَلِيُمَحِّصَ اللّهُ الَّذِينَ آمَنُواْ وَيَمْحَقَ الْكَافِرِينَ}.

الحمد لله ربّ العالمين، والصلاة والسلام على قائد الغرّ المحجّلين إمام المجاهدين نبيّنا محمّد، وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين... وبعد:

فهذه تهنئة لأمة الإسلام باستشهاد فارسان من فرسان التوحيد الجهاد على أرض فلسطين المباركة – نحسبهم والله حسيبهم - فقد نالا ما تمنا والسعيدُ من نال مُناه وآثر أُخراه على أُولاه .

لقد امتدت أيدي اليهود الغادرة في ليلة ظلماء محاطة بحقد دفين وبمعاونة بني جلدتنا الخائنين على مقتل إخواننا المجاهدين من أهل فلسطين , أرتقوا إلى ربهم ثابتون على الحق مجاهدون في سبيله لا يضرهم من خالفهم ولا من خذلهم .

إننا نهنىء أمة الإسلام بأستشهاد فارس التوحيد صاحب العلم والجهاد الزاهد الورع الحافظ لكتاب الله تعالى الصادق الصابر على البلاء الأخ المجاهد هشام السعيدني – أبو الوليد المقدسي – تقبله الله , فقد نال ما تمنى ليفرح بذلك المنافقين والذين كفروا ويحزن بمقتله الذين آمنوا وجاهدوا في سبيله ؛ فقد شهد الجميع بثباته على درب الجهاد رغم تمالىء الأعداء وشدة المحن والإبتلاء, أرتقى إلى ربه وهو لم يهنأ بشمس الحرية بعد ظلمات سجون حماس . رحل - رحمه الله- إلى ربه في عزةٍ وثبات في صبرٍ وإيمان ونصرة للدين وسعى لجهاد اليهود المجرمين لينال ما هو أفضل عند رب العالمين ,فلا يضره ما أصابه من اليهود
المعتدين (إِنَّ اللَّهَ اشْتَرَى مِنَ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ أَنْفُسَهُمْ وَأَمْوَالَهُمْ بِأَنَّ لَهُمُ الْجَنَّةَ يُقَاتِلُونَ فِي سَبِيلِ اللَّهِ فَيَقْتُلُونَ وَيُقْتَلُونَ وَعْداً عَلَيْهِ حَقّاً فِي التَّوْرَاةِ وَالْإِنْجِيلِ وَالْقُرْآنِ وَمَنْ أَوْفَى بِعَهْدِهِ مِنَ اللَّهِ فَاسْتَبْشِرُوا بِبَيْعِكُمُ الَّذِي بَايَعْتُمْ بِهِ وَذَلِكَ هُوَ الْفَوْزُ الْعَظِيمُ) .

كما نهنىء أمة الإسلام بأستشهاد فارس الجهاد الأخ المجاهد أشرف صباح – أبو البراء – تقبله الله, ونقول لليهود إن كنتم نلتم من أهل التوحيد والجهاد فإن عهدنا باخواننا أنهم سوف ينالون منكم بإذن الله , فأبشروا بما يسوئكم أيّها الجبناء، فلن يدوم فرحكم أيها الأنجاس الملاعيين وإن غداً لناظره لقريب
{ تِلْكَ الأيَّامُ نُدَاوِلُهَا بَيْنَ النَّاسِ وَلِيَعْلَمَ اللَّهُ الَّذِينَ آمَنُواْ وَيَتَّخِذَ مِنكُمْ شُهَدَاء وَاللَّهُ لاَ يُحِبُّ الظَّالِمِينَ * وَلِيُمَحِّصَ اللَّهُ الَّذِينَ آمَنُواْ وَيَمْحَقَ الْكَافِرِينَ} .

إخوة الدين والجهاد في فلسطين لا تحزنوا فوالله إن الله لا يقدر لكم إلا الخير وإن رأيتموه شراً لكم, وإن أستشهاد إخوانكم إنما هو وقود مسيرتكم
{ لاَ تَحْسَبُوهُ شَرَّا لَكُمْ بَلْ هُوَ خَيْـرٌ لَكُمْ }, { وَلاَ تَهِنُوا وَلاَ تَحْزَنُوا وَأَنتُمُ الأَعْلَوْنَ إِن كُنتُم مُّؤْمِنِينَ إِن يَمْسَسْكُمْ قَرْحٌ فَقَدْ مَسَّ الْقَوْمَ قَرْحٌ مِّثْلُهُ وَتِلْكَ الأَيَّامُ نُدَاوِلُهَا بَيْنَ النَّاسِ وَلِيَعْلَمَ اللَّهُ الَّذِينَ آمَنُواْ وَيَتَّخِذَ مِنكُمْ شُهَدَاء وَاللَّهُ لاَ يُحِبُّ الظَّالِمِينَ وَلِيُمَحِّصَ اللَّهُ الَّذِينَ آمَنُواْ وَيَمْحَقَ الْكَافِرِينَ}.

رَبّـنـَا أفـْرِغ علـَيـْنـَا صَبْرَا و ثبتْ أقدَامـَنـَا وَ انصُرْنـَا عـَلىَ القوم الكَافـِرينْ

{وَاللَّهُ غَالِبٌ عَلَى أَمْرِهِ وَلَكِنَّ أَكْثَرَ النَّاسِ لَا يَعْلَمُونَ}
والله أكبر
{ وَلِلَّهِ الْعِزَّةُ وَلِرَسُولِهِ وَلِلْمُؤْمِنِينَ وَلَكِنَّ الْمُنَافِقِينَ لا يَعْلَمُونَ }

إخوانكم في

القيادة العامة
الجبهة الإعلامية الإسلامية العالمية
رَصدٌ لأخبَار المُجَاهدِين وَ تَحرِيضٌ للمُؤمِنين.
الأحد 28 ذو القعدة1433 هـ

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Jabha al-Nusra Claims "Martyrdom Operations" Targeting Syrian Air Force Base in Harasta

The attackers are named as Abu Zarr al-Shami and Abu Yahya al-Shami.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

جبهة النّصرة - البيان رقم (100)

نسف فرع المخابرات الجوية في ريف دمشق -حرستا-

الحمد لله الذي خلق فسوى وقدَّر فهدى، نسألهُ سبحانَه أن يَأخذَ بأيدينا إلى مايرضَى، ونسألُه عزَّ شأنُه أن يهلك بشار وطغمته والظالمين كما هلك عاداً الأولى وثمودَ فما أبقى .
أما بعد:
فلو بقينا نحمدُ اللهَ عددَ الأنفاس على ما يسَّر لنا سبحانه من سبيل الجهاد لما أوفينا هذه النعمة حقّها، فهذه ذروة سنام الإسلام، والطريقُ الماضي إلى يوم القيامة .
ومن فضلِ الله تعالى أن بدأت هذه الطريقُ تتّضح معالُمها لمن كان قد نسيها أوغفل عنها، ونسألُ الله تعالى أن تؤتي ثمارها، أو أن يُبارَك فيها .
وتتمةً للعمليات الكبرى التي يسّرها الله أخيراً، وثأراً لمن ظُلم أو قُتل من المسلمين، فقد تم أخذُ القرار بضرب "فرع المخابرات الجوية في حرستا، الواقع على اتستراد حمص، وهو فرع سيء السمعة إلى درجةٍ مزريةٍ، وقلعة من الطغيان والمظالم التي لا يعلمها غير الله تعالى، وكان سير العملية على ما يلي :
المرحلة الأولى : نسف المبنى بسيارة مفخخة محملة بـ 9 طن من المتفجرات يقودها الاستشهادي البطل: أبو ذر الشّامي – تقبله الله -
المرحلة الثانية: بعد 25 دقيقة من النسف الأول، اقتحم الأخ الاستشهادي: أبو يحيى الشّاميتقبله الله - بسيارة إسعاف مفخخة محملة بـ 1 طن لينسف تجمّع من بقي من عناصر الجوية ومن جاء لمددهم وإسعافهم.
المرحلة الثالثة: إمطار الموقع بعد التفجير الثاني بوابل من قذائف الهاون لتكتمل فيهم النكاية والنكال.
وبدأ الناس بالتكبير بعد نجاح العملية، وقاموا بتوزيع الحلويات مهنئين بعضهم البعض، ولله الفضل والمنة.
سنوافيكم بالصور حال ورودها إن شاء الله تعالى
"والله غالبٌ على أمره ولكنَّ أكثرَ الناس لايعلمون"

جبهةُ النصرة لأهل الشام

من مجاهدي الشام في ساحات الجهاد

القسم الإعلامي
لاتنسونا من صالح دعائكم

والحمد لله ربّ العالمين

22 ذو القعدة 1433 - 8.10.2012